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Opening Eyes in the Holy Land

Traveling to Israel for Easter was my first international trip. It was very meaningful to experience the Holy Land with my family and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. During our trip, we made a stop at a small church in Cana. We met the founders, who

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Trusting God to Bring It Together

Altair Global Relocation in Plano, Texas, has become a great corporate partner of Feed the Hunger. They recently planned their company’s 4th annual Packathon to coincide with their quarterly business meeting for all the employees at their headquarters. The excitement was high, as usual, and we were

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We Walked Where Jesus Walked

Last week, Feed the Hunger took 17 people to Israel for a tour through the Holy Land. The ages of those on the team ranged from teens to 70s. For most of us it was our first time in Israel, and for all of us it was

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Superheroes! Making a Change, Fighting Hunger!

Bennett is a small rural community located in central North Carolina. The official population is 282. Imagine our surprise when we got the call to come and help Highfalls Elementary School pack 10,000–12,000 meals for hungry children in Haiti and the US. Here’s their story: Last summer,

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Packathon with a Powerful Purpose

RockPointe Church in Flower Mound, Texas, believes that they should be making more and better followers of Jesus Christ. It’s in their DNA to serve each other, their community, and others around the world. And if you were to serve with the people of RockPointe Church, you

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Vincent’s Devotional Time

When my son was young and in grade school, I would wake him up each morning and push him along to get ready for school. I am not sure how it was for you and your household, but I always felt like I was in full-rush mode

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Sixteen Countries

How far does your reach extend for the Kingdom of God? When you come to a Packathon, do you know where in the world the food you physically touch will end up? What about the impact of the special projects we ask you to help us fund?

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Rice, Beans, and Chicken Feet: From Your Church to Jamaica!

On October 8, 2016, Southbrook Church in Charlotte, NC held a Packathon and packed over 100,000 meals for poor children in Jamaica. It took 600 people about four hours to produce those meals. From Charlotte, we brought the meals back to our headquarters, where they made up

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Most College Students . . .

Most college students, when they get a break from school, usually just want to spend time relaxing, going to see movies, hanging out with friends, or possibly going to the beach. After spending months studying, reading, writing papers, walking across campus to get from one class to

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My Adventure with J.L.

My first real exposure to J.L. was in 1999 when I traveled to Africa with my pastor and great friend of J.L.’s, Mark Fox, through New Directions International (NDI, now Feed the Hunger). That trip changed my life! Little did I know that less than four years

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