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Katy Packathon

When: Thursday, February 28 – Saturday, March 2
Where: 6301 S. Stadium Lane Katy, TX 77494
Total Meals to Pack: 1,000,000

“Hunger has no ears,” so people have a difficult time hearing the Gospel when they are hungry. A Packathon is a hands-on service opportunity that is truly rewarding and will bring people together in a way your community may have never seen before. Beyond the event, your work will go toward providing more and more at-risk children a physical meal every day of the school year, and with that the emotional and spiritual food that comes from being nurtured by our Christian partners overseas. Feed the Hunger meal packets are designed to help malnourished children and families, both overseas and here in America.

If you can’t attend the Packathon but wish to make a contribution to sponsor meals, please go to our Donate Now page and select “Katy Packathon” as the donation designation. Also if you would like to give or dedicate your donation to someone please click here.
The Shift for March 2nd, 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. has been SOLD OUT.

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