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What’s a Packathon?

A Packathon is a food packing event in which participants produce thousands of nutritious meals that will be distributed through Feed the Hunger partners to children and families in need, both in America and internationally.

During a two-hour shift, teams of volunteers assemble four ingredients: rice, soy protein or dehydrated pinto beans, dehydrated vegetables, and vitamin powder. These ingredients, which together provide complete nutrition, are packaged in six-serving meal packets that are then weighed, sealed, and boxed. Packathons take place in a friendly, high-energy environment, and we welcome participants ages 5 to 105!

Each shift begins with a brief instructional period so volunteers clearly understand the various tasks and ends with a short time of celebration over how many life-saving meals were packed during that shift. With your help, we can purchase, pack, and distribute food at a cost of only $0.28 per meal!

Food packed during a Packathon is distributed overseas to refugees and needy children through Christian partners, and is given out domestically through food pantries and through supplemental food programs at certain schools.

Please enjoy watching the 4-minute video below to better understand what a Packathon is, and to see it in action!

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