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The Packathon: All Sinners Welcome

Recently, I was watching an interview with the band U2 on one of the late-night talk shows. Bono, the lead singer, stated that there is a big benefit to their being strong advocates for fighting extreme poverty. This worthy cause is something everyone can agree to work on together. Conservative or liberal, it shouldn’t matter. We believe this is true for Packathons as well.

First, though, let me transparently state that Feed the Hunger is an evangelical mission organization dedicated to sharing the lifesaving message of Jesus Christ. We believe in feeding spiritual hunger and physical hunger—simultaneously whenever possible. We don’t hide who we are or what we believe. For example, we believe in helping the poor and needy wherever they may be found, in promoting self-support initiatives, in being good stewards of God’s creation, and in traditional marriage and the sanctity of life.

Maybe you share some of these core values with us; maybe you don’t. But no matter who you are or what you believe, please know that you are welcome at our food packing events. We don’t have a bouncer at the door checking to see if you go to church, what your political affiliation is, or if your sins are too egregious to allow you to participate. As long as you have a heart to help the hungry, please come. I bet you will feel welcome at the start and highly fulfilled by the end.

The same is true on the receiving end when the food is distributed. It is given out in an openhanded manner by our Christian partners. They don’t have a bouncer at the door to see if the recipients’ beliefs are too different from Christianity or if their sins exceed a certain threshold. No one is getting beaten on the head with a Bible.

But our American and overseas partners do share the core value of loving Jesus and wanting to tell others about Him through word and deed whenever we get the chance. So it’s always surprising to me that many US churches partner with food packing organizations that don’t help others in the name of Jesus. How is that being a part of fulfilling the Great Commission? Shouldn’t advancing the cause of Christ at least be a possibility at any distribution location?

So, to skeptical individuals I say, you are welcome to come pack food with us. There is a job for everyone five years old and up. No matter your ability level or what you did before you came in the door, you can help pack food for the needy—and you can be confident that they will receive the food too. Go with us sometime if you have any doubt.

To churches that don’t yet partner with us, why not consider Feed the Hunger? Jesus told us to feed the hungry. He also told us to make disciples. Why not partner with an organization striving to do both in a loving and non-combative manner?

Joseph Williams | CEO

  1. Great article, Joseph!!

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