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Clunkers for Cash . . . for Christ!

Back in 2009, the federal government initiated a program known as “Cash for Clunkers,” in which car owners would scrap their older, energy-inefficient cars for newer, more efficient models. The theory was that, in addition to getting gas-guzzlers off the road, the economy would be stimulated as well. Feed the Hunger is putting a new spin on that idea, taking donated assets and turning them into cash for the glory of Christ!

Recently, Feed the Hunger was given both a van and an RV (above), which we promptly put up for sale. The giver of these two vehicles wanted us to benefit from these items—turning tangible assets into money that we could use to further the mission of Feed the Hunger: addressing the physical and spiritual hunger of those in need.

Previous food distribution in Iraq through our partners at World Help

Once sold, these two donated items should provide around $10,000, equivalent to nearly 36,000 meals for children in need. Specifically, these 35,000+ meals will be packed and sent to Iraq to help entire families living under the threat of ISIS persecution. The impact of this food can have eternal implications.

So that’s the concept: donate something that has value to someone else so that bellies and souls can be fed. What might that look like for you?

  • Car or truck
  • Camper or RV
  • Boat
  • Appreciated stock
  • Art or jewelry
  • Land

The sky’s the limit on the types of things that can be donated to FtH. And you can also check with your tax advisor about the benefit of gifting assets to a legitimate, tax-exempt organization like Feed the Hunger. Pray it through and see if something comes to mind.

I think it’s important to say that there’s no substitute for the gift of liquid assets like cash. It’s not necessary to go out and buy an old car to give to us, but if you already own it (whatever it may be), give us a call!

Think of it this way—every asset that we can turn into cash furthers the mission of Feed the Hunger. For instance, a $1,000 gift would allow us to do the following:

  • Provide 1,785 meals to children (and families) in need across the US and around the world


  • Distribute 100 Bibles to people hungry for God’s Word.


Jim Gurley | Director of Development

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