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Moving Mountains in Kentucky

Last week, Feed the Hunger staff and Board members trekked to eastern Kentucky to meet and interact with several of our dear partners there. We went because FtH food has been distributed to needy people in that area for several years now through feeding programs, backpack programs,

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Six Months in Review

In our lives, our careers, and especially in ministry, it can be easy to overlook all the things God has done in the past—even over recent weeks and months. We’re always moving on to the next situation, job, or outstanding need presented to us. But it’s a

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Clunkers for Cash . . . for Christ!

Back in 2009, the federal government initiated a program known as “Cash for Clunkers,” in which car owners would scrap their older, energy-inefficient cars for newer, more efficient models. The theory was that, in addition to getting gas-guzzlers off the road, the economy would be stimulated as

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What Does Your Label Say?

I’ve got a riddle for you: What’s green and white and gets stuck thousands of times during a Packathon? If you’ve been to one of these events, you probably know the answer . . . a Feed the Hunger Beans and Rice label! Yes, I’m speaking of

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How to Be a Responsible Giver

In the world of development, it used to be: “We have a need for x in ministry, and it will cost x dollars. Who can you get to fund it?” But over the last several years, we’ve rethought that conversation. Now, it’s: “We think we see a

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Food Is Only Half the Story

A particular niche that our Christian partners have found in places like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Jamaica is setting up preschool programs in their church buildings or “community centers” if Christianity is restricted. Preschools do not exist otherwise, so these programs provide a chance for three- to

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The Packathon: All Sinners Welcome

Recently, I was watching an interview with the band U2 on one of the late-night talk shows. Bono, the lead singer, stated that there is a big benefit to their being strong advocates for fighting extreme poverty. This worthy cause is something everyone can agree to work

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Full Circle

“This is my handwriting.” That’s what one of my fellow travelers told me through a big grin. “I was labeling boxes at the start of the shift, and here is one of those boxes!” We were at our Haiti storage depot retrieving about 80 boxes of Beans

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Opening Eyes in the Holy Land

Traveling to Israel for Easter was my first international trip. It was very meaningful to experience the Holy Land with my family and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. During our trip, we made a stop at a small church in Cana. We met the founders, who

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Trusting God to Bring It Together

Altair Global Relocation in Plano, Texas, has become a great corporate partner of Feed the Hunger. They recently planned their company’s 4th annual Packathon to coincide with their quarterly business meeting for all the employees at their headquarters. The excitement was high, as usual, and we were

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