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  • Evangelical mission organization that freely distributes to the needy
  • 28 cents per meal covers the ENTIRE process - from your hands to their mouths
  • You can distribute a portion of the meals packed to advance your mission
  • We do distribution globally - from our own backyard to around the world (Acts 1:8)
  • Travel with us to participate in distribution of the food
  • Flexible sized events to fit your interest level and budget
  • Each participant packages enough food to feed one child for up to an entire school year

Blog Posts

  • The Lawyer and the Samaritan
    The Lawyer and the Samaritan
    Each year at this time we gather together for food and fellowship, recounting all the...
  • A Time to Give
    A Time to Give
    You know it’s coming. The frenzy of holiday shopping that seems to begin...

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