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Feed the Hunger Meal packets are designed to help malnourished children and families, both overseas and here in America. When prepared, each meal packet provides six 1-cup servings of food. In each packet there are four ingredients, and each one is there for a specific reason.

1.) Rice

Rice is the universal grain. It breaks the language barrier and translates over from Haiti to Kenya to Bangladesh with no problem, because everyone has seen it before. Not only do they recognize it, but they know exactly what to do with it. When you see rice, you know to start boiling water. Rice is a source of carbohydrates, which is the primary way we obtain energy for our bodies. It is easy to digest and cooks to 2.5-3 times its weight.

2.) Dehydrated Vegetables (Veggies)

Dehydrated vegetables give the meal some texture and variety. A lot of our programs will add fresh vegetables as well if they are able, but if they cannot, at least we have a small serving in each bag.

3.) Vitamins (Vita)

This is a chicken-flavored, vegetarian vitamin mix. This is the powerhouse of the meal packet. It was designed by food engineers to have all of the vitamins and nutrients that allow children to come out of starvation. Most of the children in our programs are between ages 3 and 10; our vitamin mix was created especially to help starving children in that age group grow.


4.) Soy | Dehydrated Pinto Beans (Beans)

The Soy or Dehydrated Pinto Beans are a very good source of protein, which primarily helps with muscle growth. But the specific amino acids in soy protein have also been shown in studies to increase verbal memory by those who consume it. That comes in pretty handy for a child eager to learn.


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